Hello World

by Rose Kelleher

/* sonnet.cpp */
#include <iostream.h>
int main() {
----char *title = "Hello World";
----char *lines[14] = {

--------"Cubicle-bound, he's outwardly unmoving",
--------"except his fingers pecking at the keys",
--------"and scrolling. Hard at work, he never sees",
--------"the sunset caught in winter's interweaving.\n",

--------"What can he know of wanderlust or loving,",
--------"this \"Man With the Hoe\" in chinos? What can these",
--------"weak eyes divine between parentheses,",
--------"this Monday mind believe in that's past proving?\n",

--------"He knows no more than shipwrights do, who build",
--------"the bottom line of someone else's living;",
--------"the curvatures, the angles, fore and aft,\n",

--------"that must be true, if nets are to be filled",
--------"and children fed; who see their labor leaving",
--------"the harbor in a craft within a craft."
----cout << title << endl << endl;
----for (int i = 0; i < 14; i++)
--------cout << lines[i] << endl;
----return 0;
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