Apostrophe to Death

by Juleigh Howard-Hobson

You have no claim upon us; we’re in love.
To die, hearts must falter, before they grow
Cold and feelingless. But our time above
The grave can’t end: we are in love, and so
Our hearts shall never falter, we won’t lie
Down dead. No, only loveless people die.

Does this bother you? Surely you’ve seen, Death,
Love like this before. Some dead heart still full
With it? Or maybe not? Perhaps our breadth
Our span, our length of passion makes quite null
The common pulse of ardors belonging to
All others who have said their loves were true?

Touch yourself, Death. Our mortal fears of you
Are gone. We are more powerful than kings;
We are the grand architects of time, few
Before us have possessed such precious things:
Shared hearts, shared lips. Foul Death, you shall never
Come between us. Love’s not made to sever.



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