Party Girl

by Basil Ransome-Davies

She barely has a single inhibition.
Her attitude is not your maiden aunt’s,
Since her temperament’s impulsive, and her movements are convulsive
When at parties she performs her solo dance.

She never waits for anyone’s permission.
Some people find it shocking, even crude;
But she looks quite prepossessing while she’s teasingly undressing,
And she looks like heaven’s blessing when she's nude.

It’s partly the tequilas that impel her
To sweep aside conventional taboos.
She will ratchet homely revels up to Dionysiac levels
As she pirouettes in nothing but her shoes.

It’s been known for a provoked hostess to tell her
To sling her hook and never come again.
Sometimes such disapproval will result in forced removal,
But she’s popular as money with the men.


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