Pondering Singularity

by Don Thackrey

In the beginning, Singularity
Created nothingness, anomaly
Indeed! Before, not even nothingness
Was there. I don’t attempt to second-guess
My scientific friends, applaud instead
Their looking far behind and far ahead.
The universe began as energy,
They say, exploding into nebulae.

One star’s small planet with a cooling sea
Witnessed the second Singularity.
Some elements combined, became live things,
At last acquiring legs and tails and wings
By which to move about and seek a mind
That knows itself and thinks it’s less confined
Than other groups of molecules to laws
About necessity, effect, and cause.

Guess what? My scientific friends foresee
A third return of Singularity,
When all the universe reverses course,
To shrivel back toward the creating source,
With all of us along, to nothingness,
And then, a further step, to what is less.


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