Psalm 57

by David, translated by Alan Sullivan

to the choirmaster: upon al-tash’khet, a mikh’tam of David, when he fled from Saul to a cave
01: Be gracious to me, God;
      be gracious unto me.
      My soul shelters in you.
      In the shadow of your wings,
      I will find protection
      until calamity passes.
02: I will cry to God on high,
      to God who never fails me.
03: He will reach out from heaven, 
      defend me from the taunts
      of one who would devour me.
      God will reach out to me
      with truth and loving-kindness.
04: My soul is between young lions.
      I lie among those inflamed;
      though they are sons of men,
      their teeth are spears and arrows,
      their tongues are sharp swords.
05: Be exalted above the heavens,
      God, and may your glory
      cover all the earth.
06: They laid a net where I tread.
      My soul is weighted down.
      They dug a pit before me,
      and in its midst they fell.
07: My heart is steadfast, God;
      my heart is ever steadfast.
      I will sing and pluck the strings.
08: Awaken now, my being;
      lyre and harp, awake;
      then I shall wake the dawn.
09: I will celebrate you, Lord,
      among the people; and sing
      your praise among the nations.
10: Your kindness is vast as the heavens;
      your truth, as vast as the skies.
11: Be exalted above the heavens,
      God, and may your glory
      cover all the earth.
By pursuit of this ensuing Linke, Readers may find a Podcast of King David’s Psalms, English’d by Alan Sullivan, in collaboration with Hebrew scholar Seree Cohen Zohar; & read by Tim Murphy, with Chant by Monsignor Robert Laliberte
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